Undertale Song

by Muse of Discord

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Everything in this track was made with just the sounds of my guitar.


You fell and bumped your head upon a flower bed.
Wake up darling come and see the light that we have made below.
You’ll love it here I swear. We make a perfect pair.
And though the feeling stings my dear, your love inside will grow.
Here in the ruins, my darling. Make no mistake, you’ll be safer if you stay.
Please don’t leave now, there’s so much left to say.
I’ve been through this before. It has become a chore. They fall, they leave, they run, and then they die. I yearn for something more.
And here I lie alone. Betwixt of hell and home. The sun shines bright and rain sinks low and with them both I grow.
But deep inside there is burning. My pedals bloom but the dark within screams doom.
The deeper that roots reach, the more I fall.

Aaaahhh so I guess I’ll wait right here.
Aaaahhh until someone lends there ear, and I’ll preach my Undertale.

The light is beaming down. Then why does dark surround?
My world is nothing but despair, but there’s happiness everywhere.
I drop my guard and then slowly I lose all sight of the things that make me whole.
I lose all thought, and the feeling of a soul.

Aaaahhh so I’ll swallow all my tears.
Aaaahhh until someone falls down here, then they’ll live the Undertale.

Our little cavern is homey. A silly world, full of silly people too.
I’ve wasted time, there’s so much I can do.
I have to write my own story. Though you may laugh, even things like me can dream.
And in my head, I can here the people scream.

So until then I’ll wait. Nothing can change my fate.
I have no plans for regicide, but death is still implied.
But what is that I hear? Oh, another fell down here.
Well step right up dear, don’t be shy. No need to run and hide.
It’s heaven here don’t-cha know. Although it’s down below.
And though the feeling stings my dear, your love inside will grow.
The soul inside you is crying. It calls for friendliness, and I can oblige.
Just step on closer dear, put your fear aside.
You Idiot, it’s me. The thing that all will see.
A supreme being, black of heart. A creature named Flowey.
Before you disappear, lend me your dying ear.
This could have been avoided, but it’s kill or be killed here.
And though the final acts waning, the epilogue will begin very soon.
And with your death, the outside world is doomed.

Aaaahhh say hello to all your fears.
Aaaahhh because the curtain’s closing near. Welcome to my Undertale.


released January 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Muse of Discord Rhode Island

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